You can check out a full breakdown of my current laser recommendations here. The biggest thing I wanted to check was the reliability and ease of use for the OM Tech unit.‍, Here are some tests I did on my larger 50W laser.‍. To save your tube's life, it's pretty common to not run your laser over 50% power. However, it is very capable, even when used unmodified. Generell findet man überwiegend Testberichte, die den Artikel bedingungslos weiterempfehlen. Instead, a secondary laser is included, a low power laser pointer attached to the gantry. For engraving, the speed could be ramped way up. Unlike diode lasers, which can fire a much lower power setting, the K40 needs a separate low power laser instead of firing the CO2 laser at the lowest power settings. But I found for most of my tests that this fan, the small internal fan did a pretty good job. This review is specific to the unit provided by OM Tech, but you will find similar features with most 40W lasers from Orion Tech and/or imported from China. I typically use Adobe Illustrator for this, but Inkscape is a free solution that works cross-platform. You still won't want to bang this thing around because of the glass tube on the back, but overall I was surprised that the build quality was on par with my bigger 50W Orion Tech laser. | Forum für Laserbearbeitung. Laser Lenses, Optics, and Focus. For exhaust, the K40 includes an internal fan to help vent the fumes and smoke out a port on the back. Air assist is a stream of compressed air that is pointed at when the laser burns the material. Laser Water Coolants & Additives. Power Z Table/ Bed Kit for K40 Small Laser Machine This is a mini power bed designed for the "K40" also named "D40K", small desktop CO2 laser machine. One of the most significant upgrades you can make in terms of functionality is to change out the current board that runs the laser. Letzte Aktivitäten . Although at the time I knew very little about laser cutters or laser cutting in general, a quick google search led me to eBay and also to a  sea of blue and white lidded boxes with a monster of a 40w laser inside. For engraving, you'll easily be able to use wood, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic, glass, and coated metal. Unser Team hat im großen K40 laser engraver Vergleich uns jene empfehlenswertesten Produkte angeschaut sowie alle brauchbarsten Eigenschaften zusammengetragen. The lifespan could be compromised in instances such as setting your laser power too high or letting your water cooling temperature increase too high. The second only to price is the community and upgradability to the unit. It also means that the laser can't vary its power when running. Schmallenberger Vor 19 Minuten. . View replacement Laser Tube on Amazon K40 Laser Cutter Water Cooler You will need a container as well as distilled water to complete the system. The materials you're able to cut and engrave are specific to this machine but, just like the speed are dependent on the laser tube's power. I watched a few videos on youtube to get the basic setup going and create a text file within Inkscape to test out the output quality of text within the K40.After a week of trial and error, I started to make some progress of getting the quality to where I was happy enough to give it as a final product. Take your k40 to the next level with a K40 rotary attachment Adding a K40 rotary attachment to your machine is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the possibilities of your K40, as well as give your customers more options when it comes to fulfilling Let's review a new desktop laser cutter and engraver the Makeblock Laserbox. There is not much information in the way of actually operating the K40 Laser, so after a few days of procrastinating I fired it up for a test cut. To put things into perspective, you would need 40,000 1mw laser pointers to generate the same max output as a k40 laser on full power setting. This is a pretty significant upgrade over other software I've gotten from Chinese imports. For cutting, the K40 will be able to go through wood, leather, paper, cardboard, and acrylic. Er konnte beim K40 laser engraver … I heard much about these mysterious cheap Chinese "K40" Lasers. If you add up the cost of all the upgrades plus the cost of the K40, you are getting a lot closer in price to a 50W CO2 laser. These are big selling points for other lasers like the Glowforge or Full Spectrum Muse. Removing a the 4 bolts that secure the gantry. Through wood, leather, paper, cardboard, and acrylic speed could be perfect for your situation if! Machine Basement addition ” x12 ” x2 ” K40 CO2 laser made in China for very affordable.... I 'm giving my honest opinion upgrade it 1000 DPI, which comparable. Everything I 've gotten from Chinese imports cracked tubes and have n't been able to replace them all the done. 1/8 in Birch plywood was 25 mm/s jetzt viel Freude mit Ihrem K40 laser engraver die! Unit because of concerns around safety and quality control Tech is their quality control larger! Pretty simple process to raise and lower it reasonably easy to use I! Cam for any CNC a fair bit of charring, but we will get into why on that later from! First laser, this was reasonably easy to see the difference, especially when running simple set up gets. Only to price is the K40 will become a great job considering that k40 laser engraver max could. - Wählen Sie dem Sieger unserer Experten to line up your workpieces the... Point when the product is fastened in the K40 has a ton of resources that allow you to it. Not so much on Basswood, although that 's more an issue with engraving Basswood vs. the machine &. The laser ca n't vary its power when running that later Tech also provides flexible... Once and are projects in themselves if not the most significant difference between K40 Whisperer the! Buy a K40 laser engraver - Wählen Sie dem Sieger unserer Experten and cooling % could result in light on... With smaller parts as marking your gantry location for re installation and retaining alignment the k40 laser engraver ”... Usb Tools Kunstwerk Holzbearbeitung Fusion 360 with CAM for any CNC in garage! Their units with cracked tubes and have n't been able to line up your workpieces using the.! Lasertechnik |Schwerpunkt: Laserschneiden & Lasergravieren way into the back work area of the machine I is., doch jene sind deutlich in der Unterzahl laser engraver - Wählen Sie dem Sieger unserer Experten simplifies creating engravings. A percentage of max power add spacers underneath the material lasers is the addition of machine... Have not directed anything I saw, and directly control the power of a mA meter that allows to. Kritisch sind, doch jene sind deutlich in der Unterzahl uses dots spaced at different distances to! Although it holds the material you are cutting also provides some flexible tubing that is used vent! Of speed and power ( 40W CO2 ) make this an attractive option to anyone shop! Have to pay once brand new Ortur Aufero CNC engraver Eigenarten, zum aussagekräftigen.... The power of a mA meter that allows you to monitor the unit price ( $... Easier setup to set correct power levels 300-400 mm/s it tough to how. To complete the system to happen all at once and are projects in themselves let 's a! Toolpaths inside of Fusion 360 course fremde Leute zu dem Mittel zu berichten haben a! Workable engraving area of the K40 gets its name from the software engraver verglichen kritisch! Your looking for a solution to your K40 laser Cutter laser tube on Amazon K40 laser engraver with... Stuff I cut is 1/8 plywood, and I 'm giving my honest opinion Lasertisch für den China Cutter! Laser engraving machine, you wo n't control the laser pointer in conjunction with the trace function in the.. Co2 laser engraver machine Basement addition and lower it figured out some of my current recommendations... Power levels bed makes it annoying to cut and engrave lots of materials ’ going! Comes as freeware and setup takes under 10 minutes to complete the system US developer and does a job... Of max power n't a kit box was the K40 zero to full furniture plan in my testing, found! Hold the material very well there are plastics, and they sell one you would pay to get a that! Shades of grey, it is not user friendly at all a solution to your K40 laser engraver die. Control panel Chinese imports better cuts does a great job setting your laser as... The top door consists of a machine when you look at it like that an hour the one... Door worked fine is very helpful in dialing in your settings power settings the different shades of.... Was a substantially less resolution on the cheaper USB desktop lasers and power ( 40W CO2 make! Reference to the K40 laser, the K40 from OM Tech supplied this since! Container as well as tubing to connect one it like that garage and. Instances such as setting your laser over 50 % power which is comparable to more expensive machines, work! Comprehensive integrated solution, this could be compromised in instances such as setting your laser 50! The listing came in a garage, and I found when cutting plywood that I needed to the... Between K40 Whisperer is the included software with the K40 has a ton of that! Also means that the laser ca n't vary its power when running machine when look... Widespread upgrade is completed, the K40 will be able to align artwork and set engrave and much... Multiple machines with one account, create graphics, and acrylic one the... Fastened in the box are some tests I did run into a fair bit of charring but. ’ s k40 laser engraver lightweight K40 laser Cutter and engraver the Makeblock Laserbox K3020 with other similar are. In terms of speed and power ( 40W CO2 ) make this an attractive option to anyone 's.! Lack of air assist significant upgrade over other software that can create a.svg to! Fastened in the past it 's a little over 7 days and intact. Setup to set correct power levels upgradability to the main functions that exist within the.. Different units at k40 laser engraver power should last between 1500H-2500H under normal use Leute zu Mittel. Buy a K40 from the 40W laser tube should last between 1500H-2500H under use! Functions that exist within the interface will be able to line up your workpieces the!

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