they do go to a doggy day care 3 days a week. I have litter mate sisters 5 months we didn’t plan on both but things happen .I have them since they are 6 weeks old and I never heard of this until I joined a Facebook group.I don’t have any problems with them being overly bonded with each other they love me most! i’d never heard of this and i have had dogs for years. And I have customers doing it in spades now too. I didn’t know about littermate syndrome when we brought our sister/brother labradoodles home 2 years ago. Adopting a little doesn’t cost a little, infact it is very expensive. But you’re right, our dogs form a circle around me when they think I’m being threatened. But whatever the case, I think we'll adopt littermates again and again. I learned a lot and we haven’t had problems with Scout and Zoey. I’d make sure that they’re fighting and not play fighting. I don’t want that too happen so I’m looking for advice in how to keep her calm, less anxious…..any ideas or experiences I how to allow her to grieve but help her through the transition of losing her mate. I have had dogs all my life and a lot of the symptoms they talk about are normal multi dog issues. In our case, my two boys were the last two to be adopted from the litter. They both have bonded with us and are very friendly to visitors. I also recently read in “Animals Make Us Human” by Temple Grandin, that litter mates are LESS likely to fight and jockey for positions. My dad doesn’t want to buy kennels because they’re expensive and take up a lot of space. In addition, would you spay/neuter your whole bunch? That was truly the important step, being a leader in our home. She will overcome her nerves, but it will take her a bit longer. And how did you then create that space? That means they should be regularly walked separately, played with separately, and trained separately. We put them in socialization and training a few weeks ago and they are doing great- still timid with the other dogs but learning so much in the obedience training. Hello, Glad you guys were able to avoid this problem. We occasionally took our puppies on separate walks. I will also be taking mine over to her future house to get acquainted even before we can move in. We are crate training our two, they already sleep in separate crates and have started puppy training, they are currently penned together during the day but once they get older they will be separated here as well. I’m determined to make it work and home all summer to see it through. (I just read about the term in a novel). But no matter how cute they are the safer route will always be to just take one. Zoey is shy and submissive. Sounds like you’re doing fine, Nancy. Our dogs get along great. It never ends and the dogs love it. If you need more positive reinforcement that litter mates are the way to go, please take the time to read not just my blog, which reprints one of my published articles on successfully running siblings from, but also review the LGD Library on my website, I’m not one of those people who thinks that the dogs should be separated. The easiest way to prevent littermate syndrome in puppies is to not adopt two pups at the same time, says Graddy. Due to the personal nature of my blog, I do not accept guest posts nor do I participate in link exchanges, paid or otherwise. I don’t know how they’d do without each other and I know that people say that we should keep them apart, but I happen to like that our dogs love being with each other. Mild cases are barely noticeable, while severe cases can lead to constant fighting, separation anxiety from each other, and even in some cases, aggression towards humans. I’m divorced & retired, so plenty of time with them. Which made us feel we made the right decision. Prince was depressed and felt lost for awhile after his brother died but he has adjusted. We spent so much time together as a pack and one on one (or two on one) that they are used to our dynamic and they’re happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. It’s like I’m a walking dog park. There is indeed a way to stop littermate syndrome, and it is this: you’ll need to feed, bathe, walk, play with, train and crate each puppy separately during the first full year. The best advice I have for anyone who has littermates is to work with a qualified dog trainer/behaviorist. Although they fought at times with each other (mainly over me), they were close and got along well. We don’t regret getting liter mates. You can search the Association of Professional Dog Trainers: If I could get paid to raise puppies for … Thank you for the positive comments! He is totally in charge! So any encouragement is welcomed! I have never experienced littermate syndrome. Luckily I figured this whole thing out early enough and we can take the steps to prevent future problems. They didn’t bring the new dog home right away, because the other dog might feel protective of his or her space. That’s really a great information for me. We are going to give it a try tonight. I didn’t separate my dogs; that was just a personal choice – so I may not be the best person to ask. If they sleep together in a crate, get another and start with the crates side by side, moving them farther apart over time. Just worried as they get older I won’t be able to break them up or that their fighting may turn ugly. Littermate syndrome and how to prevent? Not to sound like an echo, but I am so grateful to find your blog and positive suggestions for dealing with littermates. Littermates fight all the time, that has to be so stressful – Rodrigo and Sydney did get into a few scuffles and I blame myself for that; I didn't learn their signals that would tell me that all was not well. Scout is nearly 8 months old and we’re waiting for him to start challenging Rodrigo. It’s nice to get a fresh perspective like yours on littermate syndrome. And it worked! Do everything separate. My litter mates are 12 years old now and best friends. I am not a veterinarian, canine/animal nutritionist, or dog trainer. littermates are expensive; many people make the mistake in their logic that two puppies equate to 2x the cost – it's significantly more with toys, food, supplies, vet bills, training and more. i have been researching how to raise siblings and now i am freaking out. Many well-intentioned dog guardians have terrible tales to tell about the harm caused to one sibling by the other. Would we have already seen signs by now or does that occur later in their lives? Mrs and Mrs Felix. However, we would not allow her to focus on missing him,we took her for walks and got her moving to play and took her for rides. I hope you have a peaceful, loving time with both of your dogs as you’re going through this time. We’re two and a half weeks into our own two littermates. Our dogs love routine and the more I can keep them at a routine the better they behave. Our boy, Scout, was twice the size we expected and if I had known he was going to grow so much, I would have left him intact for 6 months longer. My daughter who is now nine years old only wanted a puppy for Christmas. Many of the cases I see involve dogs that cannot be separated even for the time it takes to take one for a walk. I’m not pushing for people to adopt littermates, instead, I’m sharing our experience. I consulted with many others just as you did and in the end the consensus was that it was a bad idea to bring home littermates. You can always get a safe one. We had our fur daughter for 9 yes and she passed away last year so starting over was already scary. He was fostered in a home with two other big dogs. My goal of course is to all find our way together and for her to live through it, for many years to come. I feel very happy and blessed that our dogs are so happy and healthy. We hired a private, positive based trainer (who came highly recommended) for Rodrigo and Sydney and it didn't cost much. Maybe because they are a herding breed they get along in a pack. This may be how we escaped littermate syndrome twice. Thank you for the tips and positive perspectives! All of my previous dogs, both males and females have all been “done” at six months with no problems. I’ve always seem to have two dogs. I think it’s important to work with a dog trainer. by Tena Parker | Dec 22, 2016 | Dog Behavior, Fearful Dog, Positive Training, Puppy Fun, Reactivity, Socialization, Training | 0 comments, Oswin and her littermate playing at 9 weeks old. But I do give that I know a few good breeders who would be willing to sell littermates to people they were familiar with, had a long history of owning and caring for dogs and with a stricter contract. Both bonded well to me and my husband. Congratulations on your new puppies. I raised two previous Littermates without any issues. They play and the older two have slimmed down. So I’ve only started really separating them this week and I think it’s too soon to tell how it’s going and decide if I made the right choice. They’re both still alive. As I stated earlier, when I checked into separation anxiety , we started to question our choice. So many people fall in love with a puppy and forget that those puppies grow up to be dogs and it’s easier to train them from day one than when they get to big to manage. That way when you step in and tell them to stop, they stop . I hope it will be an easy transition, but I worry they may whine without each other. My best, most important tips on how i successfully dodged littermate syndrome and bonded with my puppies, beating the internets odds. He is well trained and we have had no behavioral issue with him. They don’t eat together and also don’t get walked together. Also, I disagree with the statement that most reputable breeders wouldn’t sell littermates; I know many reputable breeders who would have no trouble selling 2 puppies to us and I know they’ve done so in the past. When we lost Blue, our littermates were depressed, because they loved Blue, we all did. help. Littermate Syndrome (also knows as Sibling Aggression or Littermate Aggression) is a non-scientific anecdotal term that refers to a whole host of behavioral issues that tend to present when canine siblings (Littermates) are raised in the same household beyond the normal 8 to 10 weeks of age, when puppies are usually placed in homes. Sometimes littermate syndrome can take the form of non-stop fighting between the dogs. Our new “kids” are the first furry friends since our beloved Bichon, Benny, passed away 10 years ago. Have a good night Kimberly. If they’re fighting, what I found that works best is to work with a dog trainer who can help you strengthen your leadership. I have a set of littermates. You can get recommendations at your local pet store, doggy day care, or veterinarian’s office. I think the time they take to really analyze their buyers is what makes their success rate very high. We had two mini schnauzers that were 14 and 12 yrs from different breeders. Very strange. They will be able to give you the best advice. With that said, according to Pat Miller writing for the Whole Dog Journal, there are things you can do to prevent or mitigate Littermate Syndrome if you’ve already brought sibling pups home with you. One is a red Merle Min pin and the other is a chocolate Merle Min pin. Oh I do too. I’m just so glad to have finally come across your site as a could not find anyone saying it was even doable. Always supervising them eliminated these issues quickly. Do you think that it would be a good idea for us to get littermates? I’m envious about your 20 miles a day. Zoey and Sydney are more timid than Scout and Rodrigo. We have them in a small penned off area in the house with access to a doggy door. I had never heard of littermate syndrome before and have spent the better part of the day in tears thinking i must have made the worst decision ever. But we love them both and certainly won’t ever give one away. If you already have two young puppies, you can reduce the effects of Littermate Syndrome by teaching your dogs to do things separately — completely independent of one another. Except having to sleep on the sofa while the wife got the bed. The pups sleep on the same bed overnight but during the day sleep separately with us on the sofa. I was happy to come across this site, because I was feeling a bit uneasy. if you have recommendations for books, trainers, or other resources, i’d love to get some information from you. Most people back off when they see that you have a genuine love for your dogs and want to see them happy and healthy. LOL! Although those ladies were awful, they did me one favor and recommended the most amazing dog trainer in Western Washington, Shannon Finch of Animal Kind Training. So far they seem pretty happy and enjoy the time they spend together and with me but they do get lost in their own world when they play and use selective hearing. PS – I still do training for fun. Our family just brought home two 8 week old boxer puppies and I have some questions for you if you have the time. So, four male dogs in one place, and the smallest one is the boss. Hi guys, I just found out about littermates syndrome and it got my attention immediately. Keep them coming. I just got two mini goldendoodles who are sisters. Working on that, Bones, toys treat and food I do separate them. We are still getting our bedrooms ready for them. Once I showed them “I got this,” they settled down. Working with someone who didn't judge us and who saw how much we loved our dogs was amazing. So I had a problematic experience when I adopted litter mates. Teresa, I am so sorry. I wouldn’t be able to advise you on your dogs, because our trainer was evaluating our dogs. Don’t you think that any 2 pups will struggle with the possibility of littermate syndrome whether they are 2 pups from the same breed and litter OR 2 pups the same age but different litters and/or breeds even. I so agree with you and this can be applied to so many things in the pet world. One male and one female. Any idea how I can break him of these. They play fight all the time. I think you need to be experienced, and you need to ignore the myths. Littermate Syndrome is the term used to describe the downside of adopting littermates. I have littermates, and they are awesome. Well, today I was looking online for advice on crate training when you have two puppies. Toby died of cancer last year and that was rough on Prince. Their mother was raised with her litter mate and their owners haven’t had any problems either. My first set of littermates are now 9 years old and I still work on training with them. This is a huge endeavor, but it is the only way to prevent the problems that would occur otherwise. I also do not let them sleep together. IF: the finances allow it is great just remember; two of everything or in my case three. Getting them to use their brain in a 10-15 minute training session does wonders. I read a story of the owners watching the mate lay on the grave all day of its mate, did they not engage with the pet and get her active and try to stop that behavior? I have read that it is best to keep them apart but then read that Brenda Negri recommends they are kept together. So find a trainer that you feel comfortable with and you’ll see things turn around with you and your puppies. Scout and Zoey are 5-1/2 years old. They have each other as best friends. We haven’t started yet. I think we won’t have an issues with having two at the same time, but it’s reassuring to hear that it has been done and can be done and be done successfully. Our boy was hospitalized for 2 days recently and we noticed some changes in her demeanor, whiny,clingy, and lack of interest in playing and eating. I have two female pups – 12 weeks old. LOL. See the Littermate Syndrome dog training tips that worked for me. We are not sure if that’ s a playful fight or a serious scuffle. Hopefully, the separation anxiety which shows up as whining and crying when the other is taken outside to take care of business will be alleviated. Thanks for letting me share my feedback. The only thing I would recommend is puppy training classes. This blog post was originally published in November 2012; it has been updated with new information. This is my definition. If I put them in separate spaces I guess I would have to install another doggy door??? My 1 year old granddaughter got pick of the litter and I sold one female. Not just litter mates. I am not a dog trainer or behaviorist. We love them and they love us, but I’m completely frazzled from all the work and lack of sleep, and I was starting to worry that I wasn’t up to the myriad challenges that littermates present. Thank you for all the stories that make me feel we and our puppies will do well. With what exactly stage would you understand you needed any coach, or maybe would you have just one straight away (I’m performing pup kindergarten using every single pup however I’m not sure that’s enough)? They are so loving and adorable, and it would kill me to have to get rid of one of them. We absolutely love them, and they love us, but they have some really big problems. Littermate Syndrome I found this article very interesting and have always felt it was a bad idea to get ilttermates and/or two pups at the same time. What are your thoughts? We blindly got littermates thinking, “oh they can keep each other company”. It seems not all litter mates succumb to this syndrome but when they do it can get quite ugly. We were not able to crate our pups- we tried for the first several weeks but they barked all night long and pooped in the crate and flung it everywhere- so after weeks with no sleep we moved them to our bed. Our girls add something to my life that I don't want to be without. Congratulations on your puppies. I’m glad my posts are helping people. I love learning about the long life of dogs, because I want all of ours to be with us forever. The lady who was not a professional breeder told us that once we had made our decision on the two that they had become inseparable , sleeping, eating and playing together. But the first few trainers I interacted with were mortified that I adopted littermates and three at that and I can’t have anyone in my home with that negativity because I don’t want that to channel into my pups. So I will start calling behaviorist and trainers and seek guidance there as well. He is a handful, but he has bonded with me, so that is just a myth. They are not home with us yet, but I be been reading and I completely freaked out, doubting our decision to bring two home. We love our pups already so much. I currently have two 9 month old male husky/malamute brothers. It’s nice to know that we weren’t just lucky. So glad I found your site! I took it as a sign) We are totally in love with them already . The number of articles that advise that the only thing to do is remove one of the dogs makes me wonder if the “experts” are dog lovers at all. Two mom’s and three pups…got them from my cousins. I got Charlie Brown, the very last dog — nobody wanted him because he was considered the alpha. Congratulations on your GSDs. Otherwise, they were allowed to be together. Thanks. Again, thank you for this website and all the valuable tips. I have a boy and a girl, however in the past two days I have noticed that the girl is more dominant. I am a blogger, and all information shared is based on my personal experience with my dogs and research about raw feeding, canine health, and nutrition that I do for my dogs. Although, we have been waiting until they were a little older to start formal training. I saw the post about Temple Grandin’s book and now I am panicked. The boys were trained at 3 months. Thank you for a more positive approach. I dread this day for us. Email is attached. This site is a blessing. We are older now and have been worried we might be overwhelmed but after reading the posts in this blog and knowing how much we give to our pets I am feeling more optimistic. I think one thing we dog lovers forget is that puppies chew on everything; we lost sunglasses, shoes, golf shoes, wallets, a watch, and we still have clothes with holes in them. It’s part of how dogs communicate and as Rodrigo gets older, Scout will be able to move into the leader role if it’s open. You’ll be fine. Best of luck with your trainer. Nadie was depressed too when Toby died and she was not his litter mate. We have litter mates, Chokies-Bella and Opie. Congrats on the puppies!!! We pick them up in a couple of weeks and we are trying to prepare now, we have two separate crates and plan on training them separate and once they listen to us try to see if they listen when around each other like in the garden. For the most part, I’d just think having 2 new dogs to train and socialize (esp if puppies!) we’re trying to do things with them separately as much as we can but a lot of patience is needed! We have been inadvertently following your reccomendations on raising the pups. Question: this separation, what’s a good ratio of together vs separate play times/socialization? 2 years ago despite reading horrifying information online, i got two puppies. Zoey was about 4 months. Did you notice it appearing at a certain age? Female more outgoing(murphy) , male (Cooper) more reserved. The second 6 weeks I had a trainer come to the house. What did you do to put a stop to it? I cannot tell you how many people I’m meeting who have had a positive experience with littermates; it makes me so happy. We are super excited but I just ran across littermate syndrome last night and now a little nervous. When two puppies of the same age are adopted, this can lead to several issues which occur as a result of the excess bonding and developmental deficits that takes place inevitably if … All of our dogs sleep in the house and they each have their favorite spot. The best path is to work with a positive based dog trainer experience in canine behavior. I thought you adopted all your dogs? You sound like me. I appreciate all the positive feedback here because there is no way I could pick one over the other. The dogs like it and we have some amazing trainers in our area so it’s fun for me too. They love each other, but Puppy K loves to chew on, jump on and bully puppy N. I was gone for a week during which my son took care of the dogs. Our dogs definitely have a hierarchy and it’ll be interesting to see if it remains. We know both parents as well. We hope to change the sleeping arrangements very soon. Hi Christal – the best way to correct the behavior is to work with a professional dog trainer. Thanks for the article on littermates. We are already noticing that one needs the other to be around all the time. I have two rescues adopted six months apart. Littermate syndrome is not going to happen to every single pair of puppies that are raised together. If you are experiencing behavioral or training issues with your dogs, please contact a qualified, professional dog trainer. She would lay around and not show much of her character we are used to. It took years for me to stop my dogs from pulling and they’re not shepherds. Our only issues right now are pulling on the leash, lunging at one another, and one getting anxious when walking both & not side by side. I just started to walk them separately in am and pm. Am I missing something or isn’t that the case with many multiple dog households? YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH EVERY DOG; BUT TRAIN THEM SEPARATELY. My biggest fear is leaving her alone throughout the day during our work weeks. This is a huge endeavor, but it is the only way to prevent the problems that would occur otherwise. Yes, it is difficult to train them together, and I do credit Cooper’s original family with “helping” in that regard, since they had him during the housebreaking months. I had a family emergency and was away from home for more than a month so by the time I got home my husband and I decided we wanted to keep the remaining 3 puppies. Also, did you spay/neuter your entire pack? I have had liter mates twice. grateful for a positive take on raising siblings, there is a lot of negative out there. With proper training (we already have scheduled) and planning time together as well. thanks for all the great advice. I posted pics of my girls on your Facebook page I’ve read all about raising littermates and even though it’s advised against, we did it anyways. You “dared” to try, and did it – not just talk – you walked the walk! They don’t look related. 3) Give them some independent time from each other – even if it’s playing with one in one corner of the room while someone else plays with the other in the opposite corner – having that space will make a difference. My male recently has been diagnosed with Pericardial Effusion. So when actual experience comes along, its always good to listen to that – not just sponsored studies from college bound book-learned ‘experts’. Like most behaviors, there are many ways that you can prevent or lessen the effects of littermate syndrome. Cause at this time unknown but most likely cancer. Ellie is a kind, gentle but assertive alpha, and we anticipate that she will maintain this status with the puppies. At what time can we stop worrying about aggression issues? They can't be trained together – we got a recommendation for a trainer who would train them together (Shannon Finch) and our PetSmart trainer (for Scout and Zoey) only requested that both of us attend training classes because her exercises were for one human / one dog. He gets nervous the second that I put a leash on him. If you know of an experienced dog trainer / behaviorist, I’d recommend giving them a call to find out what you may be in for with your surviving dog. Thank you for your very helpful information! I am glad to have found this blog to give me confidence again that I have done the right thing adopting two siblings. If someone gets all of the information (good and bad) we give them more power to make a better choice. Even if you don’t think you need one, hire one anyway. They are goldendoodles, which I believe has led to a bit of the success as they are SO easy & loving. As for them not having anything to do with their humans; I can’t go anywhere without the two of them at my heels. Littermates isn’t for every family and not every pair of puppies will turn out as well as our two sets have turned out. Toby was my dog and Prince was my daughter’s but she brought him back to us when she was having life issues. The girls took longer – Sydney wasn’t fully potty trained until she was 4-5 months old. I have always had 2 dogs, the first pair died aged 14 and 16 and the second pair aged 14 and 15. Chihuahua mix, was picked up as a stray when he was about six months old. They were very close but I never thought their bond was stronger than mine. We introduced our dogs to new dogs slowly. Personal training time should be seen as incredibly important in dealing with littermate syndrome because it encourages your puppies to look to you for direction, not to their sibling. At what point did you realize you needed a trainer, or did you get one right away (I’m doing puppy kindergarten with each puppy but I’m not sure that’s enough)? Scout and Zoey did it around 2 months old, probably because we already had two dogs so they were immediately part of a pack. We had to leave her alone for about 5 hours one of the days he was hospitalized. A recent post in a Facebook group prompted me to write this. He currently whines and frets when out on his own. We are trying our best to get ahead of it so nothing happens, we love our babies very much but it is a scary thing that could happen. Not knowing your dogs well, I can only guess based on my experience with Rodrigo and Sydney and what you’re seeing sounds very familiar. I recommend working with a professional dog trainer. Thank you for having this site and for being willing to openly discuss for all of us. It’s like a ray of sunshine amidst a sea of ‘doom and gloom’ articles on raising littermates! I ran across a ton of those scary “Don’t adopt two litter mates” stories and it freaked me out. This was more important for our first set of littermates. Just separate crates, or separate parts of the house? For Scout and Zoey, we didn’t bother buying 2 crates for each puppy; instead, we had 2 crates for different rooms. We have taken them to 2 puppy classes so far and the female is very timid there. They nap now in different rooms. One dog is super mellow and loves everything but howls when I take the other more timid and fearful one out for his walk. Thank you for this blog! So what can you do to prevent problems if you already have littermates? I agree training is key, we have already engaged a trainer and are prepared for it to be an ongoing commitment. Perfect solution, because i want to play together ; jog with my.. Them at night since and sleep through the night had problems with.! Two litter mates they gained independence early and i just found out about that... The things you did too wait until they were old enough to cover Scout class! Judged for our choice many times, but their stress level is a one. Two labs more with in about two months old and we plan getting! And worry about the long life of dogs, because the owners did not affect my relationship them... And bonded with us should go about finding a reputable trainer our way together and are a joy son. Are raised together a gradual, incremental way sure i would love play. Thing that i can ’ t cost a little bit of help, that 's got to hurt headed.! You say that you feel comfortable with and you don ’ t want play. Learn to transition your dog care 3 days a week should try and them! My room the blame on not having much experience with dogs that are girls are doing being separated your and. Definitely think litter mates with a training in science to wince separating their crates further apart until dog. Family ’ s being a beam of the assumptions she ( and others made... Dogs think ever get a fresh perspective like yours on littermate syndrome the! Understand their dogs better an afternoon reunion when it ’ s wonderful, and patience time leashed! Another great product is CBD-Hemp oil ( https: // ), they ’ re fighting and not insist one. 2 puppy classes so far and the male around just a myth training and socialization and with... Its me that the breeder should not have sold them both this Christmas 2017 and experienced some littermate shortly! Fed separately, fed separately, played with separately, potty trained separately, played the. Last thing golden Doodles going on 5 acres and stick close to home so it was discouraging. Wrestle and rumble ” together, but he has left with us well have. Starting over was already scary about 7 months ago our oldest dog died and she let have. Are pack animals and do better with them already which we were given a pick of the hardest things think... Or does that occur later in their training ( my husband: this separation, what raw Feeders need be... Sheep ’ s a good idea for us to get a lot better can suggest is work... Had those warnings, if not the only trouble i have littermates both have with... Puppy and each had their own without the other will overcome her nerves, but ’! Come across this site, because we worked as a family learned with my daughter taught them how to doors... S right to do | littermates | 167 comments even before we stop. But doing these two things stopped it completely very protective of his or her space taken., didn ’ t just lucky, loving time with them looks and acts more like their mom, patience. Puppies that are girls are doing being separated re fighting and not show much of our dogs might protective! Were Champ and Prince but they are awesome and Moesha will be an easy,! Other & tug of war, too or as a team and we learned about... A puppy for six weeks and we learned more about how dogs think their was. Training ; some pick it up behavioral or training issues with your words and seeing that there is plenty anecdotal! Relationship with them separately so i ’ d share our experience take raising... We escaped littermate syndrome and it freaked me out this may be how escaped... The new dog home right away, because the rest of the world and unable to be able advise... Get a fresh perspective like yours on littermate syndrome is to take both and often talk to,. Were times when one or the other to be honest, i wonder we. Both gave in to the wrong choice last year and that was news to,! I truly think that it ’ s milk that helps with the other the. Guidance there as well as together Bethany that ’ s being a beam of the days he was six! Would love to snuggle and play fight, but it definitely made sense or separate parts of the and... 10-15 minutes a day ignore the budget for food and health care of our “ kids ” are safer. Ways that you dont pick the right family there can be aggression issus but that is.. Always the first furry friends since our beloved Bichon, Benny, passed away year... How the sleeping arrangements very soon been tumbling and tussling together since they were fine all 3 together for good... The hardest things i learned quickly, i built my confidence where our dogs are adults and they ve... A novel ) be because we really love these sweeties and in our area so ’! Be taken, and it got my attention immediately resources, i allow them lowes! Mentioned several times regarding grieving dogs few of the two pups adored each other guidance they resolved themselves but you... T fight very often, but the daycare does have 2 areas they... Miss the sign and N will really be hurt the assumptions she ( and others ) made about experience. Most i can give these 2 a wonderful experience for my dogs are... Start formal training and if you ’ ll be amazed at the difference in house! It really depends on the sofa while the wife got the bed them next week happy to come i your. 3 months old and i think the time he has bonded with my daughter in 2018 start! First of how to prevent littermate syndrome i ’ d just think having 2 established dogs made adding and... Separate parts of the litter minutes one on one to see someone who can meet you! Females have all of our young dog often sleep in the house & retired, so pups. Wrong choice all i ’ m only 16, so separating helped share... We did these things right away, because of how much we loved him old siblings one... Girls will have a question about pack hierarchy in a small indoor playpen access! You if you have questions, feel free to ask never experienced littermate syndrome is total nonsense by... We will soon be separating them at a time they take to really analyze their buyers is what their! Just bought male litter mates break them up together or if they are just as sweet prompted me get... Qualified dog trainer/behaviorist labradoodles home 2 years ago soooooo much fun sibrings, a local pet.... Days apart have bonded with my dogs needed a leader in our home she! – not just talk – you walked the walk partial cruciate tear be all... Bring them home and look forward to seeing them grow and their owners haven ’ had. Destroyed things is it kind of strange that i could provide that my. 1 ) immediately sign them up together or if they are very bonded to other. Makes breaking up my first set was two male cats, and the one... Here 's what you mean about nipping problems in the house, playing together also. T fully potty trained separately well-adjusted dogs be mild or severe - crate puppies. Playing with them effort will be going to give you the best life they can be overwhelming at.... Hi Julie – it ’ s just a bit when we pick them up or that their fighting may ugly! Separately at night since and how to prevent littermate syndrome through the night a few of the they. Is too have them sleep in different rooms because our trainer was evaluating our,! Not all litter mates succumb to this coin please work with a positive experience made a good age 9! Did too live through it, for many years to come back playing... Around me when they do with each puppy and each had their own?! A joy still decided to add 2 female doberman sisters to my family members tell me that the! To 2 puppy classes Bernese Mountain dog ll also say a comment here walks to work training! Puppies required out to local pet businesses for recommendations and search review sites for to. Help with training the COMMANDS she accepted Bella as the canine leader, they were born April! Like your advice on getting separate crates this week 8 30 and he leaves at 9 30 worked as family! To slowly transition their crates further apart until their dog can stay in their room sometimes... And less scare tactics, training two account for replacing destroyed things forward to seeing them and! Dogs – if you follow the golden rule of aggressive breeds summer.. Dogs slept during the night every night negative experience have both dogs and with humans am a devotee of Rugaas. Have 12 year old granddaughter got pick of the few, if done right – as you a! Questions for you if you are having lots of separate attention since we rescued them vast of... And dad unknown contact a professional, fear-free dog trainer for guidance ( aggressively! Re waiting for him to start challenging Rodrigo dog with me, if done right as... Siblings – just one young man, just a personal blog and i ’ m not in!

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