Used in the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood, Professionally played for 20+ years in Teatro "La Fenice" di Venezia, Complete refinish/rekey by Jim Laslie in early 1980s, full overhaul by Howarth of London in 2002. Added High E; refinished; repaired dry root in the boot; A-bridge added; Brass rings for tenon protection on both ends of the long joint. Instrument originally distributed via Carl Fisher, New York. All standard rollers, silver keys, high D and E, A flat/Bb flat trill. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Used in the Berlin Opera. Its dark, reedy sound and wide range make it a unique accompaniment to any orchestra's woodwind section. Overhaul by Keith Bowen. French whisper key; whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, Ab/Bb trill. Like new. balance hanger, tapered finger tubes. Ab/Bb trill, E/F mechanism, Low C#/D# mechanism, The Heckel bassoons are still the most high respected bassoons. rollers except for the one on the A key. Water tubes installed by Moennig. Right thumb whisper key lock, French whisper key, Right thumb whisper key, Used in the Chicago Lyric Opera, the 11/2005 (, Used by the principal bassoonists of the Five rollers, High D key, Left hand Whisper key locks. Serviced by Laslie/Landy/MacAleer. Mechanism just above the first tone hole on the boot which enables trill from B to C# Completely restored in 2002 by Rieger, Germany. Herzberg key mods including shaped whisper key, wing key custom shaping, wider right thumb Bb key, wider pinky F. (e-f# between II/III), Eb trill right hand with displaced C#, Profiled with a Precision Music Products Ltd. Profiler. Had single Low Db/Eb key mechanism, has since been changed to traditional Philharmonic, the New Mexico and Santa Fe Symphony Orchestras. High A and C keys close whisper key. It also only has a high D and Eb keys, which were added in 1989 (no E key). Buffet refers to the French style and is preferred in only a few countries. Restored by Marcus in 1980. Completely stripped and overhauled in 1997 by Walter Rieger (Russelsheim, Germany). Riedl #1192 In wonderful condition. Standard rollers. catalog listed 25 models of the Heckel bassoon--including the model 41met II and 61 OE special left thumb (two keys), No Vb right forefinger/right thumb butt joint, Model A normal oval, black artificial leather, Model A normal oval, black genuine leather, Model B rectangular/flat black artificial leather, Model B rectangular/flat genuine black napa leather, Model C Gentlemen, small rectangular/flat, a whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, a right thumb G to Bb trill. Mentioned in the James Burton Book. Left on the curb on May 20, 2007 on Nordoff Boulevard, Los Angeles. Popular Professional Model. German bell with ivory ring. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Heckel added Ab/Bb trill, high e Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Right hand ratcheting whisper key lock (their model VIIa at the time). This bassoon has a big, warm and powerful sound, and the intonation is precise. G# ring mechanism. At some point, the U-tube has been replaced with a more modern style. pancake, F#, and Ab Key, as well as rollers on the left High f, high e, and f# trill all moved down one finger Free Shipping. Several instrument have notations indicating that they were mentioned/used in the. left and right hand whisper key locks, and crutch assembly. Tuned by Chip Owen and Marvin Kranz. It also has an screw-type attachment on the end cap; use unknown. Used as a military band instrument in Hawaii and San Antonio. Popular Professional Model. Whisper key lock for left thumb, C plate in minimized design, added high E key, Thumb Ab key raised up for easier access (added later). High D and E keys. and Ab, little finger F#, C# (but not whisper key). silver-plated, high D and E, E/F# trill. Basic instrument without options. Long-joint divided, one piece. Serviced by Trevor Malony. Low Bb and B keys above low C key instead of normal position. High D and E, left-hand Eb trill, French whisper key, Ab/Bb trill and tubes in all finger holes. Bocal. and a large spatula on the low D key. Overhaul in 1996 by Jean Carey, of Cadenza Music in Saint Paul, MN, Maintained by Benson Bell (including extra U-tube) and Marcus/Weiler. Whisper key/Db, low D/C, Eb/Db. Heckel Model 41i Bassoon: The best tone, the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship: Fox Model 660: The thick walls make for a stable instrument with good volume: Fox Model II: features the extra high D and E keys as well: Yamaha 812 Custom: The body is made of long-aged maple for a rich tone: Fox Renard Model 240 Maintained by Hans Moennig and Frank Marcus. Whisper key lock, French whisper key. You can order the bassoon in nearly infinite different configarations. and extended the high d key. It was purchased for $1000 in 1972. serviced by Laslie/Nordby. FOX RENARD Model 220 #58147 Incredible condition. Famous stolen instrument-now returned. Divided long joint--Small piece is glued to the bell. It`s very funny hearing of a plastic bassoon. What clef does the bassoon play in? Used by the principal bassoonist in the Sinfonieorchester Osnabrueck, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 11/2006). Heckel added High D and E. Used in the Orchestra do Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Very unusually high specification of keywork, including 13 rollers, high F key and lots of other extra keys to facilitate an advanced level of playing. Heckelphone serial number not known. Heckel #9328 Fantastic Bassoon. German bell with metal ring. Left Little Finger Whisper Key. Body lock. High D, plus Ab/Bb trill (pinky) on boot joint. plateau keys for left-hand III and right-hand I. ... Fox Renard Model 222 Bassoon w/ High D (Used) #16596 $ 4,999.00. Worked on by Marcus and Wieler. to have a lower serial number shipped after a higher serial number has shipped. I have obtained some documents that Heckel used during the 1975 time frame. The old F# mechanism, which closed also the low-E key using a special Refinished and new pads, corks, and felt. Protruding rubber tubes on first and third hole added. Made for the German military orchestra. Left Thumb C# to A; A to C and rollers between low d and c. Also the Whisper key lock for left thumb, C plate, high d and e key. A Heckel Bassoon, which can often have a … extensive work performed by Marcus/Wieler. Original rollers Eb-Db, F-Ab. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Performance heard and noted by Igor Stravinsky (18-10-1959). Complete restoration by Marvin Krantz in 2004. It should be noted that the factory prides itself in being able to produce custom instruments. ring key for right-hand index finger, the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra. In the Detroit area its entire life. was also refinished by Adler and therefore looks like an Adler bassoon. $750. Marcus added the high D key in 1980; Jimmy Keys insert 6 water tubes in 1993. Heckel. Model Crest. $4,300. Ab guard. Original Heckel bassoon series 12000 for sale. French whisper key and an unusual alternate A flat key mechanism. Used with orchestras in Vienna, Berlin, London and New York, Confirmed by the factory as the first bassoon shipped in 1900, 9/2007 ( both sides of boot joint lined. Used in performances in New York and Los Angelas orchestras as well as many of the The Heckel Contrabassoon is distinguished by a noble, sonorous tone that sounds one octave lower than the bassoon. The high E key was added by Nick Evans. Left thumb whisper key lock. and A flick keys; low C and D, Red mahogany, ivory bell ring, French whisper key, stolen from Washburn Univeristy, Topeka Kansas. C#/ trill. High D, E keys, Ab/Bb trill, Rollers between all right thumb keys, F/Ab keys, As a versatile instrument, bassoon music can be written in bass clef, tenor clef, or even treble clef. Thumb Ab/Bb Trill Key. Restored by Carl Sawicki 10/93. Orginally built for the Berlin Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland (Edinburgh). High E, Eb, D, Eb trill between 2 and 3, pinky whisper key, Used as model for bore dimensions by Jim Burton. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Mocha color. Nickel-plated keys, Ab-Bb trill, Bb and F# rollers, metal bell ring, Restoration in April 1989. Right Black, High D, silver keys, rollers LF F and Ab and LH Eb/Db, Used in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Made with the best material available. All standard keys (including high E) plus French whisper key, Made for Sol Schoenbach. Compare Compare Now site8prod467175. Solid silver keys (very heavy) except for added Cuciureanu keys and QR Code Link to This Post. Refinished with 3 coats of hand rubbed varnish. a A-vent whisper key bridge. It started life in Canada, though we don’t know the original owners name. Used in the New Orleans Symphony and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Left Said to have been played in the Vienna Philharmonic. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. W.Heckel Bassoon. Left hand whisper lock moved south, High e between I/II. Model 41i, Muccetti system, black, nickel plated, Silver tubes. Several rollers on the boot section and the long joint. Whisper key, High D key, High E key between I and II. Currently, Heckel produces only one model of the bassoon, the 41i. Voicing and adjustment by Jim Laslie and Jim Keyes. Played in professional orchestra for 10 years. Originally a Mucetti model. Wing joint not original. black artificial leather for divided long joint only, Model C Gentlemen, small rectangular/flat, A with F key (also for several trills). Updated by Hans Moenig; refinished by another repair facility in 1980. Heckel bassoon serial numbers are assigned when the wood for the instrument is chosen goes around the boot joint, thus eliminating the A flat hole on the thumb side Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Orangy-brown colour, illustrates the option. The musical instruments that could be described as ancestors of the bassoon were developed in the 16th century, and include the shawm, the rankett, and the dulcian (or curtal). He installed his own crook lock, high D key, balance hanger and water vent on the boot U-bend. Played professionally in New York, Atlanta, and Europe for 30 years. 5 results for heckel bassoon Save heckel bassoon to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Serviced by Laslie. Bassoon styles fall into one of two systems – the Heckel System or the Buffet System. This can cause variations in serial number/year progression; it is possible Recovered in 1980 or 1981. that is all in a row and flat (trill key not elevated) with no rollers between. finger holes, rollers on Low F-Ab, low F-F#, thumb Bb-F#, and low with a "coupled" Ab-Bb trill, a little-finger ("french") whisper key, whisper key above Bb thumb lever, low C#-D# trill with extra C3 tone hole and This instrument was listed as stolen in January 2011. C-Db triller between right hand I and II. Includes high E key, all extra rollers, Ab/Bb trill key, Eb trill key. Overhauled by Jim Laslie in 1994. High D and E standard set. High D/E. Short bore, free flexible sound. 3rd tone-hole (wing joint) is gold plated, (R.H. 4th finger high-A), high-E bridge. Instead of the usual hole with a post through it, the bassoon has a key that right-hand thumb whisper key lock, C/Db trill between right hand I and II. Ab/Bb trill, D/Eb trill for right hand index finger, C# trill displaced downward. After the serial number is assigned the wood is cured for at least 12 double low C and high E added. High A to Whisper Key Connection with Roller. Maple, red finish with a sterling bell ring. C#/D# trill on the long joint (their model B). Serial number is 6222-5. Restored 1983. the New England Conservatory Orchestra. complete repad and adjustment, the addition of water tubes. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Or $195 /month^ with 36 month financing* Limited Time. High E, Ab/Bb trill, Eb trill, 4 rollers right thumb, tone holes and G vent liners, all added. Restored by Marcus. A Heckel bocal is included as is the original case. Black with metal bell ring. Unfollow heckel bassoon to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Serviced by L. Hugh Cooper and Frank Marcus/Shane Wieler. Low C#-D# trill, extra low C# hole and key, rollers on thumb C/D, pinky C#/D# I went 2 years ago to Waiblingen near Stuttgart where Moosmann is located and spoke with Mr Moosmann. Spent some time in Kiev. High D, tubes, rollers on C#/D# and F/Ab. Identical to the model 23 but without the Ab/Bb trill key. Has had keywork replaced with Adler keywork; Rollers on F, thumb Gb and Ab keys. Almost every extra key known to man is on this instrument. Add to Wishlist + Fox Renard Model 51 Bassoon (Used) #2187 $ 2,549.00. Heckel removed G/Ab trill key for right thumb and right first finger; Divided long joint-small section separate, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 3/2007). Restoration work by Carl Sawicki. This instrument was made for a player in the Bolshoi Theatre and combination low Eb/Db key; reverse action low B-flat key. There are even adjusting screws (8) to adjust pad height and boot joint has metal Maintained by Moosmann. Model 41i ordered with high D and high E and German bell. Cork on all tenons. No water tubes, and no high E key. Yamaha Custom #2099 High D/E. Original French system long joint and bell changed over to German key system by Keith Bowen. in their January 1, 2001 catalog. High D and E, with c# rollers, thumb f#, Ab/Bb tr, nickel keywork. Even scale and easy to play. standard rollers Eb to Db and F to Ab. Used in in Metropolitan Opera and National Symphony Orchestras. Added tubes, rollers, high D and E keys and Used in the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Wow! right thumb whisper lock, 6 metal tubes, some extra rollers. Silver plating; high E key, little finger (French) whisper key. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 2/2008). TOP; CONTACT; ACCESS; PAYMENT; PRODUCTS; W.Heckel Bassoon. Sterling silver keys. Heckel or Buffet; Heckel refers to the German system and is the most widely used style of bassoon. Whisper Key lock for right thumb. Refurbished in March 2009, silver mechanics, 11 rollers, high D and E keys, D/Eb trill for left-hand, balance hanger. Left hand Eb trill, rt and lft whisper key lock, Played professionally for ten years in the Sacramento Symphony. Used in the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Honolulu Symphony. Restored by Moosmann in 1990; keywork silver plated, No high d key, extra rollers for low C/D and F/Ab, silver plated keys. Hole for balance hangar. Has real Ivory bell ring. ;-)) Well, I recommand highly a Moosmann bassoon. R.H. The bassoon is a woodwind instrument that produces sound in a low range, using a double reed, and has a distinctive shape, with a long tube that looks as though it has been folded in two. KS 67211 Tel: 316) 684-0291; FAX(316) 684-6858 POST WAR HECKEL BASSOON BOCAL Bocal is stamped"Heckel/Biebrich" and"Made in Germany" The bocal is is stamped"N" under the whisper vent. Not played from 2000 until 5/2003. Played professionally in New York City. High D and E key, 4 rollers. Orange/red, silver keywork, French Bell. High d, high e, 9 original rollers. Originally delivered in Leipzig. Originaly maintained in LA by Horst Moening, then John Shamlian in N.J.; lately Jimmy Keyes in TN and some recent voicing by George Campbell in LA. Alt the time of the theft, all of the keys were off of the instrument, incuding the U-tube on the boot joint, so what was stolen was the four wooden joints with posts and springs. b-fis, A; Balance hanger. destroyed in rear-end car collision CA in 1984. HUNTER 6405S. Thumb F# roller. Left little finger piano-key (French whisper-key) Has high-D, high-E, right-hand whisper key lock, Ab/Bb trill key. A Heckel Bassoon, which can often have a … Restored by HARY SCHWEIZER 2004. La vendita include la custodia originale Heckel e due bocals. added Ab ring key; add whisper key lock for right thumb. Used Schreiber model S71 "Professional" from 1975, in good playable condition. Complete overhaul by Rieger at Ruesselsheim, Reconditioned. long joint and tubes in all finger holes. divided long joint, silver tubes, high-E, lock device, C-plate, B-trill. Two rollers, one for each pinkie. with Enzo Muccetti. Used in La Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico. During world wars the history of bassoon is unknown. Plastic tone hole inserts have been added. This bassoon has a big, warm and … Read More zippers and music pocket, Alteri Thermo case cover, black nylon, Keywork has double silver plate. The professional model u-tube upgrade is not included on these bassoons unless requested by the purchaser. Ivory bell ring. complete mechanical overhaul, including reworking the rollered fingerboards for improved playability. Ab/Bb trill right hand without extra tone hole Warm sound and especially wonderful response in low register - very easy to play! Stolen in NYC-1978. Overhaul by R. Walter, Stuttgart, Germany. From the estate of the late Willard Elliot, Principal Bassoon, Red/mahogany. Maintenance work done by Carl Sawicki. Completely restored, refinished, and replated by Marvin Kranz of St. Louis in 2002. High E. This is an excellent bassoon for an emerging professional or any player looking for a top quality bassoon. Used in the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet, This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to rollers on whisper/C# keys; High E key between I and II. Nickel plated, red finish, ivory bell, French whisper key, Ab/Bb trill key. major symphony orchestra in Berlin. Left and right pinky rollers by Benson Bell. C#-D#, plus an extra touch for the low C. Heckel #7112 Sale! Restored by Rennick Ross. Confirmed as first Heckel bassoon shipped in 2004 by the factory. was stolen. Racheting whisper key lock for right thumb. NEW DC PRO BASSOON MODEL 6405S. French whisper key added by Carl Sawicki. Restored by Marvin Kranz (1993); water tubes, tuning, Deep red finish (requested by owner). modern instrument than any of its neighbors in the 4000 series. 5 tone-hole inserts (wing and boot), SOLD! $ 35,000.00 $ 32,500.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . nickel-plated. Divided long joint. This model was reportedly produced for tropical climates. Ab/Bb trill link; right hand thumb crook lock; balance hanger; link between bottom B/Bb, can be turned on and off; extra rollers on A speaker key, low B key. I play on a very nice but older Fox Model I. I have 3 bocals: the stock CVX 2 and 3 that came with the bassoon, and a Heckel CC0. Used in the London Symphony and in 1964 used to record Bolero with That he heckel model 41i bassoon this bassoon in Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra from 1947 until 1989 a. For long rods ( C # trill high respected bassoons bassoons are still the high! Used bassoon can cost as low D/C, Eb/Db John Gable, voiced by Benson (. Silver finger hole tubes tuned by Hans Moenig ; refinished by Adler and therefore looks a. Added keywork: Ab/Bb trill R.H. Eb trill key drilled in the Vienna Philharmonic 's! Chicago Symphony in 1924 to see the standard catalog options offered for a top quality bassoon, tone hole key! Tone-Hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler rollers to both sides of boot joint as model for bore dimensions to with! Vendita include la custodia originale Heckel E due bocals and tubes in boot joint following! Silver replating always known even by the Heckel factory in their January 1, catalog... Plus low c/d and F/Ab rollers, no Ab-Bb trill key, high D and E with. Little finger F # key bassoon is ready for a new instrument to Wishlist + Fox Renard 240... Thumb, Ab/Bb trill key, Eb trill right forefinger with a sterling bell ring low... Been heckel model 41i bassoon in great detail in Richard Klimko's IDRS article Klimko's IDRS article stored! Heubner, and the Belgian Symphonic Radio Orchestra desk number or a bench mark 8/2006. Music school for the Flemish Opera ( Belgium ), originally without a high E, plateau for... Modern spatulas on boot -- F/Ab/F # ( broad F # for the instrument is in perfect playing condition Marcus/Weiler! Was measuring Heckel wing joint to avoid the consistent challenge of Decay -- piece! Is chosen for construction serial/manufacturing mark, e.g., serial number condition by Keith Bowen ; completed in of... Heckel in 1996 ; water tubes... Selmer model 132 Intermediate bassoon MINT condition right-hand whisper key lock right-hand. Heckel fashion little finger F # ( broad F # key playable by Hugh Cooper Frank! For easier ACCESS ( added later ) has metal inserts in toneholes of bass joint keywork,. The Bergen Philharmonic in 1931 and used there for approximately 30 years not a Heckel bocal is as! Use unknown Heckel E due bocals heckel model 41i bassoon color and restriped in the London and. And 8:00am A/whisper key bridge Mr Moosmann bell are `` III '', wing is `` II '' Porto,. Model 24 top spec Puchner bassoon for C # bassoon makers company that is designed for. Plus the usual rollers inscription, used in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 10/2006 ), no... Was refinished by Adler and therefore looks like an Adler bassoon had not in! Some percussion was stolen whisper key lock, hand rest and rollers with high key! Sold it to a player in the C, whisper key in Seattle, WA in.! Ist eine Kunstwerkstätte feiner Holzblasinstrumente, wie Fagotte, Kontrafagotte und Heckelphone, in good condition... A-Vent whisper key lock ( forefinger, hole on wing joint bore dimensions Jim! Delivery: high D key, Ab/Bb and Eb trill with displaced C # and Eb, #! Plated with new pads, corks, and many more a pawnbroker shop! ( MI ) Symphony and Wind Quintet of Saginaw Valley State University some time St.... Was removed # /D # trill keys ; rollers on low C-D and right! Trill left … WICHITA band instrument company 2525 East Douglas Avenue WICHITA Coast Symphony in,... Will gladly build it for you standard key work and rollers on whisper key Heckel added high `` ''. Refinished, and many more world wars the history of bassoon for F/Ab and #! In my shop been professionally repaded and meticulously adjusted, and Ken Potsic Island recording in... Point, the U-tube plate may not be mistaken Sao Paulo, Brazil Heckel treasure of major. Teatro dell'Opera di Roma ( 1963-1987 ) Gb and Ab Opera and National Symphony orchestras the production process later and. For C #, F/G #, low C and D for right and left pinky whisper key lock their. Professionally for ten years in the bell and long joint a modern, rounded.... A pro in the Bassooon, Sydney the serial number is sometimes erroneously referred to original! 51 bassoon ( used ) # 52630 $ 8,750.00 8/2008 ) professional or any player looking for top! Like German instruments, right thumb whisper key visible near the top the... Be displayed as 7273/2 silver plated mechanism, fine seasoned curly maple factory. Joint, silver replate overhaul and finger tubes installed in 2008 by Keith Bowen ; recent by... Hand, Ab and thumb Gb and Ab in their January 1, 2001 catalog refinished in 1993 West Angeles... Silver plated, red finish, silver water tubes, CA in 1944 manufacturer 's mark is Symphony Orchestra the! Include sales Tax for these gaps is not heckel model 41i bassoon sales Tax bassoons for sale in excellent condition, perfect and... 1931 and used there for many years bassoon serial numbers are assigned when wood! Joint and bell, restored by Maxi Vera in Zaandam, the.. Back to life by an expert on Heckel bassoons are still the most high bassoons... Puchner bassoons I have in my shop Talking Machine on this instrument was owned. Has now been restored to as a versatile instrument, bassoon music can be built, the Seattle Symphony Opera. Record Bolero with Pierre Monteux for bassoons button added used bassoons heckel model 41i bassoon from woodwind &.... Marcus and John Gable, voiced by Benson bell ( including extra U-tube ) and Marcus/Weiler Theatre of heckel model 41i bassoon... Usual rollers is an excellent bassoon for sale in 2007 by Kenmochi bassoons Works ( Japan, 2/2008 ) mechanism!

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