That sometimes gets them up and moving. Are Pitbulls dangerous dogs or is this a myth? If I refuse, he will stay still and not move, no matter how hard I pull him. I would just check. She is learning to walk without pulling, but I need help with the anxiety. 1. Take the dog out for a walk and bring other family members with you. You should be grateful, this is so cute. My daughter would LOVE to take her for walks but she won't … One common type of canine injury is a cruciate ligament tear. Sometimes I can't even get him out of the driveway. If anyone else in my family tries to take her, she sits down at the front door and refuses to go. Can you potty train a chihuahua? She needs to have confidence with other people, not just you. When dogs won't walk with a certain person it is usually because. If you're the one who takes care of the dog, then of course she wouldn't feel safer with anyone than her owner. So she's lacking confidence to go with anybody else. Every single day at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we hear people say, "My dog listens to my husband (or wife), but he doesn't listen to me." As it’s perfectly possible that your dog is … My dog will only walk with me... Thread starter Mary.Poppins; Start date Jun 29, 2011; Mary.Poppins Mouseketeer. How to and what things you need? Show Less. It's been 1 day a week for the past 2 weeks. I'm also home more. Good luck! By MJ Guzman Last updated Jan 2, 2021 . Dog won't let anyone else take him for a walk.. Joined Sep 16, 1999. Favourite answer. Every morning my husband gets up at 6:30, and he used to take her out as soon as he gets up. Another reason why your dog will not walk might simply be that it is tired and needs to take a break. I own a one person dog breed and without exception if I leave a dog as an inpatient at a veterinary practice or hand the dog over to a trusted person to excise, they would go, but instinctively prefer to be in close physical proximity to and work with me. He has tried everything to get her to go downstairs with him to take her out but she always turns around and runs back upstairs. Reward by tossing the treat in the direction you want to walk. No way is she going for a walk today, tomorrow or any day. I'm doing dog walking for 3 dogs, twice a day. When dogs won't walk with a certain person it is usually because. he doesn't trust anyone Else.. because you is the one who take care of him,. Not much to go on, but I would guess that your dog has a nervous temperament and her confidence when being exposed to everyday life outside the home it tied to your presence because she trusts you not to put her in a situation you could not handle and to protect her from anything she may see as threatening. He won't even take treats to go on walks with with me anymore. Sally G., Animal Behaviorist. We have a male 4-year-old Jack Russell-poodle that we have had for one year. Show More. If he’s still limping the … My dog has a bruise on her belly? You could use a clicker. This means no you can not go this time. Now, I just leash him at home and sit beside him when I have time. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. My dog is a 5-year-old dog, a lab terrier mix, and has always loved going to walks, but lately he seems disinterested in going. Don’t bring out a treat to lure your dog forward, as that rewards your dog’s stopping behavior. I thought at first my husband was exaggerating, just not wanting to take the dog out. He won't poop for my boyfriend, who adopted him with me. My dog won’t pee on leash when my husband walks him. 2. I got her from a friend who couldn't keep her any longer. (You must log in or sign up to post here. © Copyright - (2007 - 2019) -. Generally, … Continue reading My Dog Listens To My Husband But Does Not Listen To Me → Problem is I am growing old and don't seem to be strong now to control him. Get answers by asking now. E.g being attacked by another dog, getting something stuck in her paw, a sudden loud noise etc...? If my mom is home, or not coming with us, he'll just sit down and stop until I bring him home. Circle around your dog, then walk in the direction you wanted to go. Have your family members reward the dog with treats for following them. Share this conversation. I’ve had to pull him out of the door to go for a walk and then he’ll sit down after we’ve gone one block and refuses to go another. Teach Touch (hand to nose) and ask your dog to touch to get him to move. This is a problem that a lot of people have if their dogs. Step back and see what happens. Dog Trainer: Sally G., Animal Behaviorist replied 6 years ago. It suddenly happened 2 months ago and its not getting better. The owner knows about it and has been sympathetic. I take him out, I feed him and I clean after him. Recently I used him as the power walker with my friend's new, unenthusiastic walker of a dog, and she was amazed at how happy her dog was to walk with mine. Answered in 2 minutes by: 7/23/2013. He's a Malamute/Lab. Certain types of dog have more of an individualistic and willful personality, and huskies are one. When Walking the Dog is a One-Person Job . Also have you thought of doing 4-H with your dog? The only signs something was going on was the refusal to go out with lovely … Her dog will only walk with her. She loves you :). Here's the situation: my dog is more mine then my partner's. I do most of the walking and training like your girlfriend does. While reading through the forums recently, I came across the above question from an owner. Now he's a first-rate walker. Ask Your Own Dog Training Question. And like a good pet mom, she wants to walk him every day and he used to be good about it, but lately he’s been dragging his feet. He's a staffy X and a rescue. Shiba Inu owners, are Shibas really hard to handle. He walks with me when im with someone else but not just me. Still have questions? Has anything unpleasant/scary happened to her whilst she was on a walk with you? teach your dog to come when called. The walk would start fine for five minutes then he’d just sit and refuse to walk. If your parents see that you are working hard to fix the problem and they see an improvement in your dog your chances will be better for keeping her. You did not mention if your dog is bolting out of the door to get out or not. He would come out with me but then I found he was becoming arthritic in his elbows and an hour walk hurt. Don’t worry about it. I have a 3 year old french bulldog who is lovely and well behaved for majority of the time. Everytime I bring him out, he will just smell around and find the direction home and stubbornly pull me towards home. What do you think of the answers? 1) the person is not portraying confidence and a timid dog will not want to follow weak energy. I find german sheppards a lot like this, as they are a one person dog, have you tried going upstairs for a while, so you are out of the way when some one else trys to take the dog out, have the other people tried to give the dog a pull on the lead just to get it moving, then walking briskly, how about tempting it with a tasty treat to get it moving. What did you do to solve it? Try getting other people to feed her, groom her etc.etc. My dog will not let anyone but me walk her on her leash. Wheedle and lure your pet to step forward with you. She's too reliant you you. Saying, “My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” can hurt just by saying so. Idlikeabunchofbananasplease Sun 09-Dec-18 20:56:47. For the past month when our dog Mya (an 8 month old siberian husky) gets up, she won't let my husband take her out. Some days, they’d have a fine outing, others, Jake would go all weird. Some dogs, and breeds of dogs, are very much one-person dogs, which is okay except what if you are not there!! Even if I force him to keep going, he’ll pull me back another direction towards our house. Use a long line, call your dog if he does not come your correction will be to pop the dog into you and praise him. There’s nothing worse than thinking your dog is refusing to walk because he’s stubborn, only to discover that he’s dealing with pain you didn’t know about. The problem I'm having is that last week one of the dogs refused to let me leash her and refused to get off the couch so we could all go on a walk. The most common is for not having taught your dog to be walked properly. I suggest that if you haven't done so already, you ask another member of the family to accompany you on a walk and midway through pass the lead over whilst behaving if there is nothing to be concerned about if she checks back to you or alternatively have someone open the front door and a person other than you jog or walk at a brisk pace out the door. My mum and dad still have to coax her a bit and if a noise scares her she will sometimes pull them home too. He loves children and runs around with them when i take him to the park. It's been now a week that strangely my dog didn't want to go out with me for a walk. Do not chase your dog. Has anyone else experienced this? How is owning pets any different then slavery ? [Help] Dog won’t walk. Help! Then I thought maybe her hips so were trying a diet (vet recommended and monitored.) So number two on our list of why your dog suddenly refuses to walk where going to take a look at why your dog might stop mid-walk. Whenever I come home from college, my parents are nice enough to let me sleep in and come take my dog for a walk in the morning. My Dog Refuses to Walk: Here’s What You Can Do about It. Step back and … Try getting other people to feed her, groom her etc.etc. I've never treated her badly and at night she always sleeps on my bed. My Stafford boy started to refuse to go for walks with my dog walker, whereas the girls would be besides themselves. Check out this Rocky Kanaka marathon! (female Pomeranian) Submitted: 6 years ago. You may need to work on reducing the overall stress of your She walks fine with my mum and dad but with me she acts nervous starts shaking outside and just pulls to go home. Ever since we have had him, he will not go pee for my husband. Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Kay95, Mar 22, 2014. She won’t take treats because of her anxiety, sometimes barks and lunges at others. One dog can gain confidence from another. Unfortunately every night fireworks go off and she will no leave my front porch. Let your dog play around when you are out so that they can enjoy rather than being pulled to do something. There are a variety of medical issues that might make leash walks uncomfortable or even impossible for dogs, from injuries due to over-activity, to age-related aches and pains, to orthopedic issues, to tick-borne diseases and even certain cancers. my dog started to limp his one leg at first,then after weak or two he was walking like he was drunk and now he cant walk on his all 4 legs.he cant even pee or poop by him self.if we put some pressure on his stomach then he does the thing! My dog is doing something similar. My dog is a friendly 5 year old Pit bull. and stimulation through training etc in the garden. Join thousands of other pet owners and pet lovers on the UK's most popular and friendly pet community and discussion forum. Don’t force it. DH is lovely to the dog but he will get so far and dig his paws in. Call your dog when she comes click and treat. As the handler you have to be more interesting then what is across the street. Cancel the walk and give your dog’s body a rest. my dog does this also. The first few times it happened, he was fine, but recently things have been going bad. ). Just wait. He will walk on his own up to a sudden point. If you take a lot of time with your dog and are consistent with your training it will work. My 6 months old Whippet refuse to walk with me outside. Our family pet is an 8 year old Labradoodle, and he refuses to go on walks with anyone except my mom. So she's lacking confidence to go with anybody else. was pretty funny LOL! Bad practices can cause your dog to acquire bad habits, such as not wanting to go for walks. I trained her to do the basic commands when we first got her and she still sometimes listens and does them. Why Your Dog Won’t Walk. My dog is about 6 mnts and she will not walk she's kind of a bad dog and my sister wants to get rid of her because she won't stop biting things and ripping things and she won't walk outside with or without a leash so then she does all her business inside which is starting to make the house smell a little so what can I do cause I do not want to give rid of her : The treat has to be something your dog is nuts over. Me and my mom are like the main caretakers of him. When your dog starts to move towards desired object, pull … My dog won't walk with anyone but me (9 Posts) Add message | Report. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I let my dog Flip walk me for the day and he really surprised me. And again, make sure you rule out any pain related problems such as arthritis, age or illness. Exercise can be achieved through play. My dog is almost 2 and we got her at 6 months old, she used to be fine walking with me and I'd have off lead a lot but now she just won't go and if she is out she will try her hardest to slip out her collar and run home. Rachel has a smart, friendly Glen of Imaal Terrier named Jake. My retriever shepherd mix gets very anxious when out for a walk. This is kind of a psychology question I think and I know that she kinda grew attached to me but that she won’t walk at all with anyone else just curious about that one. So, what we immediately begin doing is asking them questions to see "why" the dynamic of your relationship is the way it is. She's too reliant you you. Let me tell you the possible causes of why your dog is this way and the things that you might need to do when you want to let your dog like you again. Dogs tend to enjoy the chase game. We can't get her to walk with anyone else but me. She's a 6 year old Multipoo. He just started like a couple months age he doesn't want to walk with me. Your dog might need a little more experience being socialized with others outside the house. You wake up at 7 am on a Saturday, jump into your clothes and head to the back door to take your dog for a walk. Reply. Read here My dog has been walked ever since we got him which is like almost 2 years ago. Use your imagination, I have worked with dogs in the past when the owners called their dog they would turn and start walking the opposite direction then just sit down. Jun 29, 2011 #1 OK...So we just got a dog about a week ago. Why would my dog be screaming/squealing in pain? If you notice your dog limping, check his paws and nails carefully to make sure there are no cuts or foreign objects that are causing him pain. First I thought it was the heat. I tried to coax with treats but she growled at me, although she didn't snap at me. He does this to my mom too sometimes but not as often as he does to me. 3. So my has slowed down walking recently. We adopted him from a family that was moving out of state, and couldn’t take him with them. He'll only go on walks with me if my mom isn't home or if she comes with us. Tried treats, didn't work. Once outside the home she may go on a walk. You slip the collar and leash on and your dog turns into an unmovable cement block. 2) something has happened which has resulted in the dog associating you to the negative experience. Putting a leash on and forcing your dog to walk can result in loss of trust. What i am afraid of is when another large dog might challenge him to a fight that is why I would rather just walk him with a leash. If your dog obeys you well, you should try walking with him without a leash but that, definitely, needs proper training. Michelle says: March 22, 2017 at 8:33 am. She is a very nervy dog since fireworks night last November. Category: Dog Training. One of my dogs was initially very unenthusiastic about walking, but when I paired him with my little power walker dog, he was happy to keep up.

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