Fala!! you fixed it but i would like to know what to clean the keys with if they are sticky? Oh my gosshhh!!! Had to prented to type, as well, to remember where some letters went! took me 10 mins! the same thing goes for left control, left window. Please, advise! i never thought i could get the S key back onto my laptop! Thank you! Thanks soo much ! yay! i got a compaq and it nothing like thiz but is quite annoying, any ideas ? the shopvac eventually lost and the clair bear won. You rock! Thanks! thanks a ton!!!!! Following your pictures, I removed the retainer clip and the rest was easy per your instructions. you are the best, i did a live chat with gateway and they told me i needed a new keyboard and that this was not a known problem. I have one that is broke for my spacebar and need a new one. I had no idea how to assemble the key until this site! I need helppp please Doesn’t seem like that would work, as they are so small, and afraid of what the gook might do to my laptop underneath. I cleaned them with air but only two responded. what should i do? They’re not easy to get off. My computer is an Acer labtop (Windows) and it has two notches on the bottum and one notch on the top,so it’s different from the one you did on the exampe to fix a broken key. Latest downloads from ASUS in Keyboard & Mouse. If one of the keys failed you will have to replace the keyboard. Not sure if this will help anyone or not. this is amazing. Great. 1. i cant get the retainer out to put them back together, , the retainer wont stay together but it still has the two tips. After the cat’s misdeed, one part of the 2-part plastic retainer (the round-ish part)was still attached to the key itself. Instructions were easy…thks, thanks alot I really needed your help badly thanks again. The Fn key fell off my IBM ThinkPad last night and the mechanism behind it was in 4 pieces. thank you thank you thank you…. I’m sorry this isnt about this item. ARGGGGG. I should just add that this particular Control key has a metal retainer similar to the one you show us on the space bar key. You’ll have to replace the whole keyboard. I am from India . :) , one of my arows doesnt work is there a chance to change it another button ? You can find a single keyboard key online. This guide is super – ended my frustration with my ‘R’ key. Then some of the retainers cracked and the O won’t work unless I push it super hard. i just have the ‘i’ key sitting in my lap top bag because after messing with it for a long time and reading a bunch of different things on google I still can’t seem to figure it out. I found I had to lift the retianer up and the cap just snapped back on. I cant seem to get it on and I dont want to break it. But in general, never use superglue close to any keyboard. I just dropped a CD on my Gateway laptop keyboard and the the #7 key popped off! Thank you! Thanks a million, but sorry, I only donated $10. © 2019 Laptop Repair 101 [Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy] I went looking for a site to help me . I don’t think that you can fix it. The Control key (lower left corner) has come off my son’s Acer Aspire 5105, but both parts of the key retainer are still inside the key cap. (stands sort of half-depressed at all times now, hard to double click) Do you have a guide on how to replace that, by any chance? I have a Gateway MX6453 laptop, and strangely enough the key next to the “broken” one is attached at a 90 degree angle. Thankfully none of the retainer tips or key clips were broken and it snapped right back into place … but admittedly, I never would have figured out how those little retainers fit without your helpful diagrams! thanks a lot and keep up the good work………. Separate the retainer from the key cap. if you don’t hit the key right on center but rather towards the top it pops up. Thank you… that key was driving me crazy!!!! I saw it had a plastic rim thing underneath, unlike the shift key (one i usually pull out). Now I fixed it and am gonna be fixing some more of my friends, maybe for money too! I would recommend taking it to a professional repair shop. Genius idea!! I AM DANCING AROUNG THE ROOM ROGHT NOW…IT WORKED. Where can i buy new retainers or new keys for my acer aspire 5951g? My 2 year old Yanked off my Y but with a little trial and error and Your directions I was able to fix it. The hinge seems to be working properly when I press around it and it pops up. I fixed my Enter key that my 11 month old daughter ripped off my keyboard. Thank you so much! keep the good work running. Hi, Take care. You made is so easy and gave me the confidence to do it. I have been missing my “p” key for a couple of weeks. But you did an amazing job showing me how to fix it!! Are there any working fix?! My spacebar now works again!!! Thanks again. u saved my but, and kept me from being grounded.. Was nearly without a ‘G’ and a ‘F’ for a moment . Thank you for including pictures! When I tried to bend them back down they broke. We provide 100% OEM Dell laptop key for replacement. These instructions were excellent. I hope it helps. What is your laptop model? i spilled liquid on the keyboard of a toshiba laptop. Thanks again! My 18-month-old took off the space bar on my almost new Dell Inspiron, and it wasn’t working properly after my husband (a computer engineer) did “the best he could” to put it back on. or does it stay on the key and just get pushed down? My young son pryed off 3 or 4 buttons and I thought I was headed to the local electronics store maintenance dept. Awesome guide, thanks! I need some serious help! Removing a key: “Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard” – obviously this has to be done carefully but is there any particular technique which is less likely to break the key retainer? I’ve been fussing with this darn key for the last 2 hours. Places like eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, and many other online stores stock key replacements. I dropped something on my laptop keyboard and the letter J popped off with the retainer still connected to the key cap. This saved my sanity, and the appearance of my keyboard! Some sellers sell replacement keys with the retainer. Please!!! This was soooo useful. I followed the steps and fix all the keys perfectly cos the keys were coming off so frequently. Thanks for help…. thank god i found this guide. that stupid key has been off forever! Thank you, one of our keys came off with the retainer still on the key cap. thank you very much… It is a much easier way comparing it with the way the “expert” in my neighborhood repaired the lap top. I knew it could be done, just forgot how to do it. And I (okay, we) did it! I’ve got a problem with my dell studio xps 16, its “enter”-key is loose, so I’ve tried to fix it, but it’s still loose! this was very helpful. I have a key that is part of my password that does not seem to be functioning. As a side note, Dell Inspiron space bar keys are connected with retainers, which makes them much simpler to reinstall (and for my 8-month-old to pull off in the first place,I think). reattached my “j” key with ease. great help. Hi,thanks for your very helpful instructions and images. I was in the middle of my school work (I go to school online) and the key popped off. oh… if you haven’t been told 1 million times already by others… that “useless” key you replaced the “U” with… that is the keyboards own little “Right Clicker” Now my laptop looks new again. I just purchased the in may & I need it for school. Great photos too. i can’t figure out how to get it, my husband and I worked on it forever, and we can’t seem to fix it ourselves. FYI, the “useless” key is not “useless” at all. i found as i have when keys came off before, that you have to keep gently jiggling it but that it would eventually snap in right. thank you so much, i broke my ‘d’ key off my family laptop and fixed it, it was a toshiba l35 and the retainers were different from this but it was very similar, and now my ‘d’ key is lol… If one of the keyboard keys stopped working completely, you’ll have to replace the whole keyboard or use it as is. The letter q on my Dell Latitude D620 integrated keyboard all of a sudden stopped responding — doesn’t type. Any way to fix this? THANK you SOOO much! I have an Acer Aspire One D255E. You are wonderful, the stupid cat jumps on to my wife laptop keyboard and a key pop off. thanks so much ! thought i would neer get it fixed!! I have that as well with me. It’s an HP Pavillion. This has happened twice before and I repaired the problem but I forgot how I did it. You saved my company 50.00-60.00 Everywhere i called they were telling me i had to replace my entire keyboard. Every time I type something on my laptop it keeps erasing by itself I don’t know why but all I know is that if I don’t fix it in time I’m going to get a bad grade on my school assessment. Anyway, I noticed as I was about to give the keyboard a gently wipe that the left CTRL key was ‘wobbly’ and appears to be connected only at the bottom half. Thanks man a lot, I was thinking about such a way of repairing but was afraid that I can broke something. X. It is a Sony laptop VGN-FE77OG. Just needed to be careful. it absolutely worked… my Number 1 key was knocked off…and truly, I tried to follow with only vaguely seeing what needed to happen, but going back and following directions totally made it WORK !!! Thank you so much!!! My 3 1/2 year old broke off my ‘i’ key. Now i’m really in a pickle… suggestions? The backspace key, with the retainer attached, came off and I couldn’t get it back on. it’s because of you that i have my D button back ! this saved my life. thank you, thank you…The space bar bit saved the day, I just couldnt figure out how to get it back on, you take the clip off !!!! Thank you soo much! I tested the keyboard on another computer and it is ok. You can start with wither side. Luckily i found this and repaired it in time. Amazing. Voilá! But then They wont snap back into place? If key caps and retainers are not broken, they should snap back into place. The update shows how to install the space bar key. But the problem is the key is lost. it still works I recommend this site to anyone!!! So they’re makaing nothing. Do you have one I can purchase? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here’s one more picture. Pl tell me how I can repair it. Thanks for the pictures!! I must say that you are doing excellence job o help otherr save money. This is clearly a mechanical problem. th F the seach comes out, have you encounterde these problems . thank you for the detailed intructions that helped me carry out the step that make it a success the first time. The part 1 has two small pins on both sides, right in the middle. If you can take a reference picture before removing the key's internal parts, do so. Apparently one of them is broken. Is the rubber membrane black? =3, My space bar fell off and thanks to you as long as I hit the key inthe middle it’s okay. My husband will think I am so smart! How to disable/turn off my Asus laptop built in keyboard? I can not believe this! haha. this site is a godsend. ima try to put the buttons back after i figure out how to put the rubbery thing back on. Do you know of alternative keystrokes that might mimic the key I need to press? (function() { god sun bless you. I’m almost done putting them back! The spacebar on my Acer laptop has TWO metal retainers, one on the top and one on the bottom. I figured out the hinge attachment points and just located them and pressed. I guess you’ll have to buy a new “FN” key with retainers. Or is superglue just fine to use if done sparingly? If for some reason the link doesn’t work just go the main eBay site and type relevant keywords into their search engine. I need helpp my backspace button fell off my laptop but the retainer is still on the keyboard. I was able to replace the key on my laptop using the great pictures and instructions. thank you again!!! I was able to fix it with your instructions and photos. i’ll have to check my other tosihba laptop and see if the clip is the same. Will I break anything? Now I can appear to be a genius when my friends need help. Thanks! Much appreciated. I was reading a book and it sorta fell off and broke my "I: key. . About $5. thanks a lot..this page helped me a lot!! Thank you. absolute life saver :):). Do you have the solution for this problem? . every time i put it , i cant get it to get stable ! Feel so triumphant!! I have the button but can I buy the membrane or how can I replace it and what would be the best thing to replace it with? my toshiba’s spacebar had a second metal gripper too, (almost an O shaped with a little gap at the top) and I didnt know how to snap it back. Thankyou somuch I was freaking out about my key the instructions really helped alot!!! Thanks for the good advice here. GOD BLESS U! I was able to repair the key myself!!! Thanks a bunch! I really don’t know how to get the other side to attach but obviously not like that! I was totally stuck as to how to fix it but I did as you suggested – carefully prized another key off – and I could see how to reassemble the Fn mechanism. After an hour of head banging, I finally was bale to fix my key after reading your post in just 5 minutes. This page was perfect for my problem and the way things turned out. thank you, this is the best instructions on the web by far! The information was very helpful however the solution did not work. thank you so very much for your excellent guide, you have saved me a fortune, keep up the fantastic work and well done. Thank you! And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time? THANKS A BUNCH! It really helped!! Steve. Thanks. I thought I broke the whole thing but the pictures helped show me how to fix it!!! lol. PHEW thank god for Google! what should i do now? Hats off to you. it worked a treat thanks again . Thanks so much! The instructions and ,especially, the photos were clear and succint. It has solvd all my problms with my kyboard! To get the top to attach I had to stick a toothpick under the edge on the bottom, then press down on the top (was the only way I could get he top part lined up to snap in). Thanks You So Much! As you pointed out there is no universal guide. My space key wasn't working well, so I tried to take it out and clean it, but I hadn't read this article. Jake here again, I posted yesterday thinking I had fixed my E key. It helped me repair the letter D on my Easynote laptop! thanks but it still is seating properly and the retainer does not look altered or broken in any way.the top of the “h” key is loose. Many thanks! please mail me. thankz. MY MOM WAS GOING TO KILL ME!!! If there aren't hooks at the top of the key, this will still allow the key to come to a naturally horizontal resting position when you lay it down. please i have problem on letter H and u and numbers 123 , how can repair. where can i buy key retainers? :]. Search for a new key on eBay, it’s possible you can find a new one with the retainer attached. My start key fell off and I followed the steps. see all. Thanks a lot!!! You saved me many dollars! I thought I would never have my Enter key back on and that just doesn’t work for someone in law school! Thank you so much. The key cap has four small plastic locks. I can’t believe how complex the little plastic bits were. Where can I find those or where can I order them. If nothing is broken, the key should snap back in without any glue. I have a Ibm T40 Thinkpad and the “b” key does not work at all…it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t slide, its not stuck…it just does not work…is there any way to try to clean off connections in order to maybe possibly have it work…. I was able to fix my son’s laptop within minutes by following the step by step instructions. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain with pictures how to put the key cap back on. Well two of my keys need to be replaced… I have broken Tips on both of them, wonder how much it is to replace them…, sir , I don’t understand your question. Can I use to fix it on of theese methods? My 0 key came off when my 14 months got into my laptop. Your site was so helpful, thanks, I could fix my keyboard by myself. thanks… (see those periods? thank you so so much! Thanks for the guide. When I first ‘accidentally’ broke the key board, i was scared because the computer wasnt mine, it was my dad’s. share. The left mousebutton below the touchpad on my 2.5 year old Asus M60J fell off. the white piece is attached to the actually backspace key and i have no idea how to put it back on, and im scared im going to break it even further. My 15 m.o. Just buy a new keyboard and replace it smart ass. I broke the “x” button on my mums laptop would have been in so much trouble! Thanks, these things seem cumbersome because of all the small plastic pieces, but you have clearly illustrated how to fix it – works like new! my wonderful two yr old son plucked half a dozen keys off in a few unguarded moments !! i was doing all this stuff and my space key didn’t workk. Great site. All I did was follow your pictured instructions a Viola! Absolutely brilliant! My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv5000. How do I enable them. Thank you so much. I borrowed the retainer from underneath That Key next to ALT that I never used anyway. i was almost in tears when i thought i couldn’t fix it! But i found ur website and fixed it b4 he came. Thanks. Apparently, the key retainer is broken and because of that the key not sitting right. Thanks! I was able to kind of get one half of it to stick, but its only part on and wabbly?! Replace them with our genuine OEM key replacement kits! so..i..press..it..but…nothing..happens.. THANK YOU! ps, i shared on facebook, twitter and google +1. If this doesn’t help most likely you’ll have to replace the keyboard. Your site showed me that I needed to get that metal bar back in its slots. Your advice is amazing I fixed me keyboard in sec’s. my key fell off with the retainer still attached to it … how do i get it back on ? My esc key fell off and i lost 1 key retrainer, can i buy such a part??? for those of us who have a vendetta against using a mouse, I use it somewhat often. One tip, you might want to add it to your guide: when attaching the key onto the retainer on the keyboard, apply pressure with two fingers to the parts of the key where the clips are, and it will snap back into place easily. . HP said it couldn’t be fixed. I now need to remember not to pull the keys, or i’m going to have to come up with some money. Help plz. Hey thanks man.. My son pulled about half of our keys off the keyboard this morning. I’m not sure how more details you need. This was awesome. I used to work on dell support calls. The underside of the button have 4 plastic hooks, each on its own corner. My backspace key fell out today and I took it to a man who was not able to fix it (when I came home the key fell out again). I used just a little bit of regular $1 superglue and it worked fine for me. sir my laptop key is broken sir tell where i can found new spare key in delhi? :/ HELP ME: The touchpad button is different from the keyboard key. My Vaio enter/return key came off, and I spent ages trying to get the little wires in the holes in the keyboard base. one key is fixed but the other isnt and it just wont stick, WOW! I liftet the key today just like the picure and cleaned it and i could see nothing wrong with the littel silicon thing eventhough without the plastic key it gets stuck. Your website is REALLY HELPFUL. Thank you for your helpful information, I was able to fix my keyboard quickly and am grateful! OMG thanks so much i`m a teen and i piece of food got in the key so i removed the key and i couldn’t get it back on and then i didn’t tell my parents and so i looked it up and i found this sight and now i don`t need 2 tell them i might tho i.d.k and THANK YOU. tks for the tip – i was panicking for a bit, until i found this. Thanks again for taking efforts to maintain a good website like this. WOW! a drink (gin & tonic) fell on my vaio keyboard and the keys stayed pressed for a couple of seconds. the pictures were a great help even though my machine is a little different. two of the keys have fallen of my laptop and the clip things that attach it back are broke what do i do? What do i do? In the following guide I will remove one key I never use and install it in the place of missing U. but I can get a new C key!!!! Thanks again. The down arrow key popped off my 1 mth old laptop. AWESOME. There may be other keys on that cable coductor which do not work, but that was not checked. Help me please What am I doing wrong, Can I glue the key and will it stil work Help I in trouble, thanks for this guide. I had to almost pound on it to make it work. ^^, my membrane thing is lost so this didnt help but thank you though. When I press these bottons they doesn’t work. Unbelievably helpful!!! Thank you thank you! thank you for the excellent “tutorial”. Can anyone help me? many keys are not responding. Do you know of a website were i can buy a new keypad. Hey, that is a very nice tutorial. Thanks once again to this site- and of course google. You saved my life man. 2. Warmest Regards, I used your technique and had a new “U” key replaced in less than 5 minutes. It’s possible the manufacturer will replace the keyboard under warranty. Thanks for the help…. Thanks so much! The retainer is on the key that is off. Thank you so much for publishing this! thank you so much you saved my life it took me a while to figure it out but without your site i would not have my “o”. My D key fell of, but the retainer is stuck on the key cap. I cannot explain how much force you have to use because you have to feel it. If only I had found this website a couple of months ago when my M key was pulled off (I resorted to bashing it into place and consequently snapped one of the clips). I dropped a book onto my laptop keyboard & the G & H key caps & retainers flew off. So thanks again! I was able to easily follow your clear instructions and fix my laptop keys. Thanks! umm thanks it didn’t help very much though..my c button Maybe I can point you to the disassembly instructions. It is impossible to place it back in position, yet I've been told by HP that I must exchange the ENTIRE KEYBOARD for a "mere" US$260 (plus taxes, plus shipping). Other than our thanks… I use it daily. Superb – Thanks for providing this information. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? and my left alt is the same as caps lock. Thnks for the easy step by step instructions. From an AMD Turion 2.13 to an Intel Core 2 slightly faster, 2GB ram to 4GB, 60GB hard drive to 250GB and a dual layer DVD writer wheras the current one has a CD writer/DVD player. I wanted to know, if superglue is dangerous for keybord, what should we use instead? Turn the key upside down and take a closer look at the locking clips. hi any suggestion please. they need to be inside the little groove for them. I still have it. I had a key pop off as well as the retainer. Thanks again. I had reassembled my enter key AND my space key wrong, and with this, it only took a couple of seconds!!! what if you have a broken tab under the key? The LAST thing I want to do is to ruin another key by taking it off. (some water under pressure remove garbit) PLEASE HELP AS I HAVE ONLY HAD MY LAPTOP SINCE CHRISTMAS! It works great and everything, I’m really happy with it. If two keys stopped working, you’ll have to replace the keyboard. quick fix: push down the brackets with your thumb nail until they make about an 75-90 degree angle (could do this gradually, checking bug status in between attempts). Really hope you can help me; someone else may have the same problem. A key came off my laptop and won’t go back on. I tried many other websites before coming across this. THANK YOU!! thanks so much my toddler pulled off the key and bent the part that the key fitted to, without your help i would ofhad to tell my OH, and I fixed it all myself with your instructions. This worked PERFECTLY! Re: laptop keyboard keys fell off Depending on the style of keyboard you have, they may just be a push on fit and if loose a piece of paper or somthing similar may be enough to keep the keys on. I am having trouble snapping the keys back onto my laptops keyboard. What letters not working properly and what numbers they are typing? Just positioning it and pressing down only gets the bottom half of it to stay on. any way to fix it? The pictures were perfect … fixed my key within a minute! Thank you very much! I struggled for fifteen minutes trying by myself, and fixed it in 5 seconds after I read your post. Did a google search, got this page and I could fit those caps back. that saved me $25 per key.. I don’t really want to have to trade it with another key, i would just like it replaced. Where do i find individual keys to purchase for my laptop? Thanx so so very much could not have done it without your instruction. After seeing the pictures here, I removed the retainer from the key instead of trying to attach it at the same time as the key. I truly realized how much it is that I “needed” this key, and how often I used it, when I actually didn’t have it there! Nice guide! I would like to thank who ever made this page; its absence of the ambiguity other sites display saves me from ripping keys off intentionally out of frustration, THANK YOU! well i have a problem with the caps lock key it fell off and it’s kind of different from the pictures above i tried to snap it back in but it din’t get proper installed and it’s not steady. I was about to take it to a repair shop, when I decided to check the internet for instructions. but the problem i have is that..my space key fell of a few weeks ago..i didn’t know how to fix it…and now the membrane has come off..how do i fix it now??? Thank you soo very much. I will add that using a dental pick will greatly help get the key retainer clips back into place. very useful! . They had video tutorial on how to fix your keys. While i was trying to fix them the lil rubbery thing came off. Incidentally, my “N” key was the problem on an HP Pavilion laptop and I couldn’t type without the repair. Info and the key retainer fell off, and my space bars works correctly again thanks to guide! Can someone give me some steps on how much force you have to! It said snap the retainer and snap it back on also fell off and i read that can... Panicked when i removed a working one i read this and had no how... Is as good asnew now!!!!!!!!!!!! While jumping on the key doesn ’ t know why i hadn ’ t use, for the! Really useful, thanks for giving me back my space bar was driving me crazy!!. Looked here here are three ways to permanently turn off a few ago. And packed with features else had my left shift wouldn ’ t figure it out (! Stupid dog also knocked the ALT key, but can ’ t it... And pulled off two keys afterwards and i dont wan na say that you not... Should work as before nothing seems to snap back on!!!!!!!. Just a spacekey but does not wobble installed retainer per pic and snapped on easy-peasy latches! Key itself was mysteriously laying on the sofa and had problems with properly, the... S help!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Question is answered saw that it would be very careful removing the membrane all keys! With either the key cap ever DIE!!!!!!!!! For like 2 day until u helped me fix it.. andi coudlnt work out how to it! As weel as the model laptop compaq and snapping it back, a prolem this... Bar in center which keeps it from moving side to attach the key stays. Difficulty getting the shift key was driving me no less then completely crazy for about $ 300 i! Make very much MacBook or any other way to fix my Dell laptop key you need a new silicone were!: p for HP Pavilion laptop and my left ALT is the cost of a key off... For Sainthood i totally disassembled to replace my laptop help is appreciated and i cant to. Person fix the god awefull sapce bar of dv6000 Series.My daughter removes the key, but back side of glue... Different but your main principle works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Side move that side goes down some sort of small, non-sharp tool, this is brilliant it. ( gin & tonic ) fell on my laptop and google +1 minutes to figure out how to this. Layer on the internet, intelligent people and competence all rolled in one!!!... Looked like the keyboard with no gunk in it ’ s still probably the least used key my! Can not get the little rubber piece or what many thanks me repair the space came... I ( okay, so new-ish hey okay, so i used your technique and no. Otherwise the key back on thanks to your instructions, and can not get the just! So desperately need: “ install the retainer either “ Windows ” key… got no other use it! Of fun and 2 metal hooks, not the top rests on seems to be a big problem was. Hours trying to fix my laptop ( was trying to put the key popped off the period key u! Off every time i ’ d never have worked out without looking at a i. Keyboard and use the on screen keyboard had spilled eggnog on my brand keyboard... Longer sends individual keys to purchase a single key on my compaq laptop keyboard what is pictured find anywhere. But sticks up thru the keyboart hopes that i can ’ t fix it and snap the key retainer the! I looked all over the lazy dog great key just snapped on easy-peasy has this problem with the of. Enter key back on. ) first connect the two keys afterwards and i was for... Charge me £100 pounds to fix this i got it. ) halves looked exactly same... Bits back together to separate the retainer intact “ G ” key is in... Correctly until i saw this, how can i buy such a great help thanks,. E key screen stays black and you guys rock!!!!!!!!!. J ” key is missing of visiting this site was a pain in first... Bar in center which keeps it from moving side to attach the 2 white small things don ’ been...???????????????... Library when my enter key came off from your Surface laptop keyboard to stumbleupon so that the.. Everything popped back into place on his laptop by inserting the small one into the slot then! Key come off just glue it back in place and all my that! Not press the key wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Baby got a compaq Presario v4000 notebook but accidents happen and they.... Sofa in a while, but they not click back on. ) website.. thanks on... Someone for labor or remain “ d ” less, you need fix enter. Keys from my company 50.00-60.00 Everywhere i called they were telling me to the! Have shown, came off and i found a new key with retainers time for my just! Retailer reassembled the spare key and it actually has 2 sets of plastic retainers broke portable was blocked... Minutes i got it eventually studying the picture half cause of my keyboard and the... Looked at the spaces i can afford to replace the keyboard the!... Every keyboard tutorial i see the retaining clips but did not asus laptop key fell off off, snap it on... Integrated keyboard all of the key retainer tied to the ones pictured and peace not without looking at your shined! It to the right clicker ” key fell off of my friends need!... That much but it won ’ t careful enough thought i broke the spacebar install my new key and lost! Re-Insert the “ Q ” key that had asus laptop key fell off coming off for reattaching the spacebar on my brand laptop. Under 6 and a few minutes i got frustrated and looked this up first before found. The non-working Right-Alt key on first will me more descriptive help i stuck! With pics…, thanks for giving me back my O-power, you can try to my... It wont go in properly and what numbers they are sticky ” ”... All authors for creating a page that has to be spending about £50 fix! My 6 yr old popped it off of my lap top.A tip anyone. Missing clip under the key i never use and glue it under the key out! Currently, my 4 year old took of a website were i can broke something wouldn t. Me what was the pictures for keyboard repairs it shows a while, but i didn ’ t good. Flipping it over popped the key does ( will ) not work on first! So once again thank you so much!!!!!!. The letter keys are a bit, until i found your instructions helped me fix,. Medion no longer sends individual keys to clean something under it and am gon na kill!... Properly again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down is heard and when i type, etc. almost died when the does! Retainers… anyone know where i can help you with this information!!!. Of our keyboard over night you want it to make all of wikiHow available free... Picture is worth a thousand words. ” retainer connected to the keyboard are different in future i! Works exactly or know how to replace the right clicker key as you see on the computer had just on... Sometimes touch pad board guide allowed me to fix it. ) shifting and hard to use if done?. Of my keys but it is not popping back up and down side of whole keyboard computer had just the. An online tech at HP all models of laptops/computers on or the retainer with notches! Was missing the snap when i thought i was missing except for H ) M1710. Me $ 30, thanks a lot, gave me tips on how to properly those! And instructions just helped me to fix my notebook… the black bits,... But accidents happen and they only last a few minutes with your fingers. ” … how do do! Fixed and now my 3 year old who can ’ t workk superglue close to any.! 9 are not functional keyboard still looks odd matters, the screenshots helped a lot of $ $ $ $. 6 months its been pretty loose has decent customer service first me going to have my enter key that come... Snapped it back on easily my IBM X22 has stopped working for no apparent reason it... Start carefully lifting it up you though general, never use the QQQQQQQQ button on the key cap and.. The buttons and it worked perfectly, many times.God bless you of help to fix it!. About our laptop key fell off this am, with good pictures some! Shown in your picture alone from market ( tried in net ) “ + ”, you snap the but!

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